Benefits Of Getting Involved With A Garden Club Or Garden Society

If you love to putter out and about in learning how all of your different plants grow, why not do so in a group setting? Imagine a group of passionate gardeners who come together to trade different information about all the things they are learning in their own gardens, swapping stories, and giving each other tips and tricks on how to grow the perfect garden. It sounds glorious!


About a Garden Club

What exactly is a garden club? In layman's terms, it is a group of people in your own area who are interested in coming together to talk about all things gardening. Garden clubs usually start out in one’s own neighborhood. The person who would like to start the gardening club will reach out to their neighbors, maybe even hold a membership drive to sign people up. 
Once you have members involved, you can then hold a roundtable to discuss what different tasks and activities and meetings should be a part of your club. Some garden clubs even go as far as planting a community garden which can benefit the whole town area. 
The best garden clubs usually take advantage of everyone’s knowledge. Having each member design and hold a meeting of their own for the club is a great way to implement this. 


Benefits of Joining

There are quite a few different benefits of joining a garden club. 

Interacting with Garden-Minded People
When you join a garden club, each person there is there for one purpose only: to talk about gardening. Most clubs have members that range in age, but when you come together for a common purpose, age doesn’t really matter.
No matter what your gardening interests are in a garden club, you will have a platform to express your feelings about your plants. 


Real Communities and Online Communities

Because of the technology of our world today, garden clubs do not have to be limited to real meeting groups. You can find a ton of people online who love gardening as much as you do.
The benefit of online communities is the fact that you don’t have to be bound by weekly meetings. 
Real communities require a bit more commitment, but they are a great way to interact with people who are dealing with the same soil issues as you are or the same weather issues. This allows you to talk about your problems with gardening and hear insightful perspectives that may not have been in your purview before.


You Love to Learn About Gardening

At first, you may consider joining your local garden club because you enjoy gardens. But you will be astonished at how much you learn when you actually begin to attend events and get to know fellow garden club members. The vast knowledge people possess and can share will change the way you see gardening. 



Don’t wait to get involved in a garden club if you are interested. Look around your community to see if one is already available; if not, start your own. You’ll be amazed at how much you will enjoy the experience.