How Far Apart Should You Plant Tomatoes In A Garden

How far apart should you plant tomatoes in a garden?

Tomatoes that are properly spaced when planted are more likely to be healthier plants and produce a large harvest for your picking. If you are planting your tomatoes in an overcrowded manner or even too widely spaced, it can be detrimental to the plant. 

The spacing of your tomatoes depends largely on two factors. 

First, consider what types of tomatoes you are planning on growing. You must keep in mind that all tomatoes are different and require different care in order to make them bloom. 

The second factor is how you plan on supporting the plants. How much work are you willing to put into the tomatoes? Do you want something more high maintenance or a plant that will allow for less tending? 

Once you have decided on these key factors, you can easily figure out how far apart you need to plant your tomatoes in your garden. 

Proper Spacing When Planting Tomatoes

For healthy and productive tomato plants, spacing plays a very large role. Correct spacing is usually dependent on the type of tomato you are growing, but generally speaking, ideal spacing is about 24-36 inches apart. Anything closer than 24 inches will reduce air circulation around the plant and can result in plant disease. 

It is also necessary that light be allowed to reach all around the leaves, so proper spacing is key. Larger tomato varieties should be planted 36 inches apart and consecutive rows should be about 4-5 feet apart. 

Tomatoes Gardening Facts and Tips

In order to get the most out of your tomato garden, here are a few tips and tricks.

The best time to go out and plant tomato seedlings is a few weeks after the last freeze in your area. This will allow enough time for the soil to warm up and the day temperature to stay about 50 degrees. If you are planning to grow your tomatoes straight from seeds, begin the process by planting inside 5-6 weeks before the last frost will occur. 

Tomatoes thrive best when they are exposed to full sun. Placing them in an area that receives a good six hours of sun each day will help your plants thrive. Choose a new location for your tomatoes each year to avoid any problems with disease. 

It is also important to support tomatoes as they grow. Using a wooden stake or bamboo pole will help greatly with this. You can also try some twine or other soft material to tie the vine to the support. Tomato cages are also an option if you are leaning toward planting dwarf varieties. 

Consider feeding your tomatoes once a month with a food blend that is high in phosphorus and low in nitrogen. 


Tomatoes require a lot of care and help in order to grow properly. You must take the time to consider spacing, variety, sunlight, and water. If you do all of this, you will find that your tomatoes will thrive.